Octane Max Trainer

 Introducing the newest, boldest HIIT machine that fuels major motivation and powerful results in functional training, small group workouts and the cardio floor. With no adjustments, a motivating calorie meter and immediate transitions from zero to all-out, the new Max Trainer® machine delivers ultra-efficient metabolic conditioning – along with the valuable afterburn of HIIT.

Octane Zero Runner

The revolutionary Zero Runner allows you to replicate your natural running motion so you use all the same muscles you do outside, but without the harmful impact.  Ultra, marathoner, weekend warrior and everyone in between will benefit from utilizing the Zero Runner in their training or workout program. Keep on track with your training, stay healthy and strong and optimize your performance by incorporating the Zero Runner into your program.

Air Runner Treadmill

Burning more calories than the average motorized version and built with intense training in mind, users can change speeds at will. A remarkable feature, the AirRunner runs on your energy, with zero electrical consumption and a low carbon footprint. Built with a steel frame and handrails, corrosion resistant hardware, and a slat belt running surface that lasts up to 150,000 miles. There’s no need to adjust the belt tension or replace the deck. Easy treadmill to maintain.

Octane Lateral X

Move in a new direction with this cross trainer that offers adjustable movement that transitions from a vertical, stepping motion to a lateral motion for greater challenge and results.

Polar Vantage Series Performance Watches


The Polar Vantage multisport watches are designed to help every ambitious, goal-oriented athlete reach their full potential. No matter what your chosen sport is, the Polar Vantage series will provide you the data you need so that you can focus on what’s important: the hard work itself. Choose the multisport watch that best fits your needs and your goals.

Tuff Stuff 6-Pack Trainer

TuffStuff’s #1 selling, patented Six-Pak Trainers have been changing the shape of strength training ever since their introduction in 2008. With a compact, space efficient design, the Six-Pak trainer allows users to perform dozens of exercises and fitness routines without making any adjustments. 

True Fitness Alpine Runner Treadmill

 Climb to new heights with the TRUE Alpine Runner, the ultimate in incline training. With an incline range of -3% to 30%, this range intensifies workouts like never before. Choose from a variety of programmed workouts, including TRUE’s new Monument Workouts. The Alpine Runner features a patent-pending incline system engineered to reduce the load on the incline motor and reduce wear and tear.