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2011 WHL Draftee & 2014 WHL Man of the Year

"AFS has helped me develop physically and mentally throughout the whole time I have trained there. The results that I achieved and the new expectations I have for myself now are phenomenal and I owe it to AFS to help me be in my best shape on the ice. One of my dreams was to be drafted in the WHL and it came true thanks to the long hours of sweat, grunting, and screaming I put into it. I know now how to push myself to the absolute limit and have become mentally tough through all workouts. Thank you AFS for all of your time and help."

- Taylor Vickerman


BYU Track & Most Gold Medals in WA State History

"We both know you saved me! Thanks for everything. You have helped me get to where I am today. You pushed me more than anyone has before. Keep helping people."

- Ellie Heiden


2006 3A Rushing Leader & All-Defensive Team

"Perseverance and hard work is the key to success at any level of competition. Having worked with AFS, I have developed a more disciplined work ethic, healthier diet, and have gained more knowledge on weight lifting and speed training. Thanks to AFS, I have gained knowledge and skill in training that I can use in the next level of my athletic career and throughout the rest of my life."

- Dylan Jones

WHL Champions


Tri-City Americans WHL Hockey Team

US Division Champions - 2010

Western Conference Champions - 2010

Regular Season Champions - 2010

MCC Champions


Kamiakin High School Girls Soccer

MCC Champions - 2012, 2011

State Finishers - 2nd Place - 2012, 2017

NWAC Champions


CBC Women's Basketball

NWAC Champions - 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012

NCAA National Champion


Katie Beaumier

Clarkson University D-I Women's Hockey

2017 & 2018 NCAA National Champion

NCAA National Champion


Megan McKinney

College of St. Rose D-II Women's Soccer

2011 NCAA National Champions

WHL Memorial Cup Champion


Seth Compton

Spokane Chiefs WHL Hockey Team

2008 WHL Memorial Cup Champion

NCAA National Leading Scorer


Emily Faurholt

University of Idaho

2003 NCAA D-I Leading Scorer

US Olympic Nationals Competitor


Erica Aden

USA Figure Skating

USA Nationals 11th Place

State Champion


Bill Landefeld

Whitman College Soccer

WA State Club Champion



High School Athletes

1 Track WA State Record-Holder

2 WA State Track Podium Finishers

1 USA Hockey U16 World Champion

1 Nationally Ranked Figure Skater

1 WA State Baseball Champion

1 WA State Soccer Club Champion

3 Jr. High (U15) Hockey Academy Recruits

1 Area Code & Perfect Game Invitee

Numerous All-Conference Selections

Numerous All-State Team selections

College Athletes

Baseball: 2 D-1 & 2 D-III recruits, numerous community college recruits

Basketball: 3 D-I & 1 D-II recruit, numerous community college athletes

Football: 1 Collegiate League Champion

Hockey: 2 D-I recruits, 1 D-III, 1 NCAA Champion, numerous college club competitors

Soccer: 1 D-II recruit, 2 D-III recruits, numerous community college recruits

Track: 2 D-I recruits

Volleyball: 2 D-III recruits, numerous community college recruits

Semi-Pro Athletes

Football: 1 European & NEFL recruit, 1 IFL recruit

Hockey: 4 WHL draftees, 1 BCHL recruit, 2 NAHL Champions

Professional Athletes

Baseball: 3 MLB draftees, 1 spring fitness testing co-winner

Hockey: 2 NHL Future Hall-of-Famers


CBC Women's Basketball

The Columbia Basin College Women's Basketball Team would like to thank you for all your help. Your expertise contributed to our success.

Cheryl Holden, Hall of Fame Coach

4x NWAC Champion

Kamiakin HS Girls Soccer

Girls are doing awesome! I am so pleased with these players especially as they seem fitter, stronger, tougher, more kinesthetically balanced, mentally focused, and down right willing to work. Thanks you so much! Puke went very well. Speed ladder as well. Talk to you soon.

Chris Erikson, Head Coach

3x Conference Champions

2x WA State Runner-Up

U18 Rep Hockey Team

I have seen a tremendous improvement in the strength and conditioning of our players over the course of the season. This has accounted for players being stronger with the puck, and we have experienced a significant reduction in sprain-type injuries. In addition, our players are more explosive in their movements and have better stamina throughout games. I am a big believer in the benefits of AFS.

Courtney Jones, Head Coach

2016 Tier II State Runner-Up

Tri-City Americans WHL Hockey

Our athletes come to camp in better shape each year and with the guidance of AFS, we’ve managed to have fewer injuries during the season.

Bob Tory, GM

2010 US Division Champions

2010 Western Conference Champions

2010 Regular Season Champions

Mother of collegiate athletes

[My daughter's] coach commented on her strength.  She gets slapped, bumped and road on while she brings the ball up and nothing seems to unsettle her.  [Her coach] was impressed and I let her know it was the extra training she has done through AFS and you.  I let her know that we are planning on getting back in as soon as the tourneys ended. Many thanks.

A.C., mother & former collegiate athlete

Mother of 2 track daughters

Thank you so much for working with [my daughter]. She really enjoyed your speed training. I promise we will keep her in shape. Again, thanks and keep doing what you are doing.

J.D., mother, track coach, & former athlete

Mother of 2 MLB draftees

Joining AFS and working with true fitness professionals has been a rewarding experience for our family. They provide each person with a thorough assessment of their individual fitness level and assists in setting challenging goals. They closely monitor each person’s progress and make adjustments as necessary to insure optimal results. We really appreciated their attention to detail and their constant emphasis on using proper technique to prevent injury. If physical fitness is your goal, there is no substitute for working with the pros at AFS.

D.R., mother of 2 baseball players


Running Pain-Free

I contacted AFS because I had been injured and was having trouble recovering without further injury. Michael Beck evaluated me thoroughly mutually set goals and developed a doeable comprehensive program that has resulted in progress! He is prompt, prepared and we adjust the program depending on my progress. He is a great teacher not just to succeed with exercise today but to equip me to continue to pursue the sports I love in the future. He is consistently corrective, encouraging and with a touch of humor! I highly recommend this business to anyone willing to work at staying active.

S.B., 70+ age group distance runner

Training Despite Injury

My experience with the staff at AFS has far exceeded what I had come to expect from personal training…are always professional and focused on my needs and goals…able to show me ways to strengthen the areas of my body that are weakest. I consider it a privilege to work with a staff that is so passionate about other people’s fitness and health, and that enthusiasm comes across in every workout, IT IS INSPIRING.

C.C., business owner

Moving with Purpose

Workout should be challenging and fun at the same time. Every workout is both...great at getting you going, pushing you hard, and making you feel like you've really accomplished something.

E.P., avid runner and fitness enthusiast