Plan. Prepare. Perform...Better.


Receive a report for your Functional Movement Screen, go over lifestyle trends, schedule, goal setting, and nutrition habits.


Establish a baseline of your performance attributes based on your sport and receive guidance on how to improve performance.


Receive a Performance Plan to help you get to your goals, perform better, and stay injury-free.


Receive prudent recommendations based on individual needs.


Team Sports Training

Train as a team to get the most out of each athlete.

Speed Development

Agility, quickness, and speed are important in any sport, at any level.

Team Workshops & Consulting

We provide coaches and teams with the tools and resources to enhance player performance, injury reduction, and nutrition needs.

AFS Athletics Video Library

Here's an example of foot speed. This female soccer player was tied for most goals during the season, but only played half of her games on the field...the other half were played in goal as a goalie.

Run Strong Coaching Program

Train to Be Healthy, Move Better, & Feel Invincible

This program is not just for runners, it's for anyone wanting to out-run their spouse when being chased by a bear...beat the grand-kids in a sprint...or be able to carry the injured out of a burning building...simply put: it's for anyone who wants to be super-human.

Utilize Technology to Improve

We "geek out" on this stuff, so we don't expect you to, but we will educate you on concepts pertinent to your training & how they transfer to running.

Strength Training that Fits YOUR NEEDS

Receive personalized training programming to improve your weaknesses, prevent injury, and keep training fresh.

Our Run Strong Program utilizes the benefits of the Zero Runner in order to re-train the body to move correctly, remove risk of injury from running outside, provide instant feedback, strengthen the posterior chain, and emphasize the "pawing" motion of running that is responsible for better performance and reducing injury risk.